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DJ SErvices

What clients are saying:

"DJ Pri is amazing! She has an incredible sense of what the audience wants and always has the dance floor packed. I have booked Pri many times, for many different themes and genres, and she always delivers an amazing experience. I will continue to work with Pri in the future. Thanks Pri for always creating a great party atmosphere."

Khara Robertson, Delta Hospital & Community Health Foundation

OF COURSE you want a DJ to pack your dance floor and make your event the best damn event your guests have ever been to, the one they talk about forever until the next one. But you also need that DJ to be competent, who can roll with the punches, keep the vibe up and remain classy, patient & graceful under fire when it comes to:

  • Snoozy, low-energy, mild to rude, entitled, angry crowds 
  • Collaborating with other vendors and event staff
  • Surprise performances (it happens)
  • Last minute changes in schedule (happens a lot, on the fly)
  • Sudden changes such as moving from an outdoor setting to an indoor setting because of weather conditions 
  • I basically handle all the shit you’re not thinking about or made aware of that will ruin your night.

  • Glitchy technical issues that arise and disrupt
  • Unexpected song requests that aren’t a part of your theme or discussed plans
  • Engaging with different audiences and diverse audience preferences 
  • Knowing intuitively when to be highly interactive to taking it down large notches (there’s a fine line between being engaging and annoying)
  • Tough & heavy rooms (Familiar with this phrase?: ‘the tension was so thick you can cut it with a knife’)

Enjoy friendly, professional service from the moment you contact me. The next important element is getting to know you In-person or online consultation. Keep your party going, things moving and your guests engaged with a versatile DJ live mixing all the classic commercial sounds and latest hits from a variety of genres and decades to cater to the tastes of your diverse guests, no matter their background, age or preference, to keep you there until last call.

soundtracking events for

Having passed canapes and presentations?   
From setting the perfect mood with delicious tunes for cocktail hour to amping up your presenters with walk-up beats, invigorate your award winners with exciting bumper music, or turning your corporate gig into a lively dance party—I've got the jams to make your event ROCK and then some.

It’s time to reminisce on some of your favorite jams, classic oldies and guilty pleasures to get the dancers and non-dancers on the dance floor. 
  •  Get a curated playlist to support your event flow agenda and demographic.  
  • Get presenter music stingers and music bumpers cued up

  • Get complimentary unlimited email and phone support whenever you need it (during office hours) to discuss your vision, theme, music, logistics
  • Get access to my wealth of resources, knowlege and network I’ve cultivated over the years
  • …and more!

Private Event DJ

No run of the mill DJ here! Let's craft an awesome night together, whether it's a casual anniversary, birthday party or bumping engagement party - I’m your DJ! Get in touch today and we can talk more about what fun you’re planning!
  • Professional audio rigging, dance lighting and wireless microphones
  • Custom music programming for your demographic and event flow

  • Initial 30min online consultation with you to discuss your vision and theme, complimentary.
  • Access to my wealth of resources, knowledge and network I’ve cultivated over the years
  • …and more!

Hiring a DJ can be intimidating! Most couples choose a DJ that’s a relative or friend, who they saw at someone else’s wedding, at an event or settle on someone their planner recommends or is off their venue vendor list. Of course, every couple wants an amazing DJ for their wedding day who can gauge your crowd’s response to certain songs, go with the flow and play what will keep them dancing, so I’d like to help you out by telling you who’s the best in Vancouver.

  • Professional audio rigging, dance lighting and wireless microphones
  • Custom music programming for your demographic and wedding timeline
  • Complimentary unlimited email and phone support when you need it (during office hours) to discuss your vision, theme, music, logistics
  • All the time you need from first guest arrival to last call

  • Access to my wealth of resources, knowledge and network I’ve cultivated over the years
  • Planning and preparation of important wedding songs to support your wedding flow agenda, from background music during cocktail hour to wind up music before your family and friends speak and all the music inbetween to get everyone who wants to on the dance floor.
  • …and more!


You’ve visited my site and should know my style, fee, history and hopefully what I can do for you. Now the comparison begins! Shortly after I receive your inquiry, I’ll touch base with you within 24hrs to have a phone call or video call so we can start discussing your vision about your event, your goals and other important details I should know. Then I work with you on an event and itinerary timeline (upon receipt of signed contract and booking fee).

In between finalizing the specifics about your entertainment plan up until the big day, I’m available to chat with you on all the things. I get it, you’re juggling a bunch of stuff and with over 13 years in the event biz, I have a plethora of knowledge to share so please lean into me for help. It’s what you’re paying me for, do not shut down, we are building your event together.

At your event, rest assured that I am committed to delivering nothing short of excellence. By now, I should know the type of audience you’re catering to, any special requests you’ve made, the goals of your event, and your event’s timeline. Your only job? Enjoy your special day stress free and leave me to entertain your guests!




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Music Programming

Event Openers & Stingers - Perfect for events and impactful openings, this offer provides you with an electrifying opening tune or a compilation of diverse songs to accompany your stinger video. You could also get creative with a (VoG) Voice of God or other attention grabbing soundbites to provide important information, make announcements, or guide the audience throughout the event. Whether it's for an event, product launch, or any special occasion, our curated sound clips set the tone for an unforgettable experience, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Sound Designer - Get your own bespoke music playlist curation specifically tailored to match the mood and style of your spot, special event or brand. Give your guests an enjoyable Shazam-worthy soundtrack at every visit or interaction. This is ideal for brands, events, restaurants, hotels, bars, lounges, cafes, retail shops or any venue that’s playing background music through in-house venue speakers.

Explore some old bedroom cassette tunes while you drive, do some housework, feel the vibes!

DJ pri



A couple of videos for you to get a feel for my aura ✨




for only $497 + Tax
90 min

Pick Pri's Brain is a 90min online coffee session to help you with a quick question you might have whether that pertains to music, AV or any guest experiences.

Sometimes, you need to reach out for a bit of assistance, advice, suggestions, answers or out-of-the-box ideas from an event pro beyond your usual network, community and crowd.

Maybe you’re compromising what you want or what you bring to the table to please others... maybe getting too many opinions and unsolicited advice is driving you bonkers. Especially in this line of work or as a client, the stress and pressure of it all is REAL.

And you’ve got a bad case of paralysis analysis. Guess what? I’ve got your back for that.

All the benefits of an entertainment guru and private consultant without the full-on event production price tag.  Get the BONUS of someone who TRULY wants to set you up for MEGA success!

You’ve got 90 minutes to pick my brain….