I was there to get the party started, and it was an unforgettable experience. The energy was electric, and everyone was excited to witness the arrival of this retail giant. The red carpet ceremony was an absolute spectacle, and it was clear that Nordstrom had big plans for Canada. Fast forward to today, and the […]

Let Me Tell You About the Iconic 2015 Nordstorm Opening

Have you ever heard music on Spotify and noticed a little pause in between songs? This can happen because some songs start slow or end slow, which can make the music sound a little bit funny. But don’t worry, Spotify has a cool feature called Crossfade that can help! Crossfade makes it so the music […]

Why and How to Use Spotify Crossfade

Check out the recap video to see the many highlights of the day and all that went into this special celebration this past summer of 2022…. …..by clicking on this LINK HERE. If you look at the video hard enough, you’ll see I made the cut! For 1 sec…. GCT stands for Global Container Terminals […]

GCT Delaport 25th Anniversary Event

The “Glow” Brunch After Party Edition: Raising Money for the BC Lung Foundation Funds raised will directly help 100,000 BC kids who live with asthma. This year, funds raised will benefit our Asthma Education Centre, teaching kids (both in-person and virtually throughout BC) how to better manage this life-threatening condition. What and Where Again? Challenge […]

Sign Up To Climb The Wall On Feb 26, 2023

…On Your Wedding Day And Here Are the Reasons Why…. As an experienced DJ, I know that your guests are the most important part of your wedding day. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the right entertainment that will make them happy and have a great time. In Vancouver, there are many talented DJs who […]

Prioritizing Guests When It Comes To Entertainment..

Make Your Wedding a Blast: The Importance of a Fun DJ When you’re planning your wedding, it’s important to think about how it will look and feel. Even though you want everything to look pretty, it’s also important to make sure it will be a fun time for everyone. Imagine going to a wedding that […]

Looking For A Wedding DJ?