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The “Glow” Brunch After Party Edition: Raising Money for the BC Lung Foundation

Funds raised will directly help 100,000 BC kids who live with asthma.

This year, funds raised will benefit our Asthma Education Centre, teaching kids (both in-person and virtually throughout BC) how to better manage this life-threatening condition.

What and Where Again?

Challenge yourself in the New Year to climb 48 storeys of the Sheraton Wall Centre and then end the morning with a brunch after party! And it ain’t just any regular brunch – a NEON/GLOW IN THE DARK featuring myself – DJ Pri – and glow setup with Glow Me and a few more exciting treats to come out for!!

When Is It Taking Place?

Sunday, February 26, 2023. From 9am to 1:30pm/2pm but you want to get there early to register.

Who Is Allowed To Climb The Wall?

We welcome ALL fitness levels and ages! Some Climbers do it competitively for time; some do it to honor loved ones affected by lung disease; everyone does it for the fun of it!

However you climb, you’re united with people who want to improve the lives of the one in five British Columbians who live with various lung diseases.

And When You Climb, How Are You Helping?

BC Lung Foundation’s new Asthma Education Centre provides age-appropriate education and training to teach kids (and their parents) about how to recognize asthma triggers, what to do when an attack occurs, and ways to help avoid them. Research shows that the more educated children are about their asthma, the better they manage living with it.

So think of that, with every step you take, every floor you clear, as you fundraise your way to the top of the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre. We know you’re having a good time – a great time, in fact – but you’re also doing a great deal of good.

How Do I Register For the Climb?

Click on this LINK HERE to register.

How Do I Donate For the Climb?

Click on this LINK HERE to donate.

Be sure to share with these links with anyone you know that has a free Sunday morning /afternoon to get some good exercise in, do some good for the children, have some yummy brunch and get more exercise in by dancing with me – DJ Pri – afterwards, woohoo!!!

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Sign Up To Climb The Wall On Feb 26, 2023

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