DJ SERVICES + full-service event Branding & Production company in VANCOUVER, BC

Event Solutions to Transform Your Event Into a Captivating Experience That Exceeds Expectations.

Going beyond to design creative solutions that bridge the gap between your budget and your vision is what we do and we bring decades of expertise in management, strategy and production to your live event.

Whatever you’re unveiling, screening, or celebrating, we’re here to make it a MOMENT.  From intimate parties to large-scale conventions, trade shows, fashion shows. festivals, launch events, release parties - our special events experts are on hand to style, coordinate and innovate, helping you pull off anything, anytime.

Event Production



We leverage the latest technology and entertainment to WOW your attendees while alleviating the stress of event planning for you. Elevate your guest experience with expertly crafted audio, video and lighting installs for that X-factor ‘je ne sais quois’ you’re looking for.

Audio Visual Production

From 5ft marquee letters to photobooths, we have all the extra touches you’re looking for to make your event truly BUZZ-WORTHY.  As you know, no two events are the exact same - why would you want it to be?  When you're ready, we offer dramatic add-ons & entertainment if you want to take your excitement to a whole new level!

Party Enhancements





for only $497 + Tax
90 min

Pick Pri's Brain is a 90min online coffee session to help you with a quick question you might have whether that pertains to music, AV or any guest experiences. 

Sometimes, you need to reach out for a bit of assistance, advice, suggestions, clarity or out-of-the-box ideas from an event pro beyond your usual network, community and crowd.

Maybe you’re compromising what you want or what you bring to the table to please others... maybe getting too many opinions and unsolicited advice is driving you bonkers.  The stress and pressure of throwing an event is REAL.

And you’ve got a bad case of paralysis analysis. Guess what? I’ve got your back for that.

All the benefits of an entertainment guru and private consultant without the full event production price tag.  Set yourself up for success!

You’ve got 90 minutes to pick my brain….