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My portfolio represents corporate events, private parties and weddings at a variety of price points. But how much will your event cost? Honestly, it鈥檚 impossible to give you a 鈥榖allpark number鈥 if we haven鈥檛 pinned down the design of an experience yet. Your event or wedding will be tailored to your desires which will determine the complexity and scale of the job and the cost will match the resources needed to bring your vision to life.

Let鈥檚 say, an event for 100 guests at $2,500 per person has a starting budget of $250,000. From there, clients and couples either spend less or invest more. Your event budget is influenced by variables such as date, location, state of the venue, floral, decor, design, audiovisual needs and more. Every detail from food and drinks to rentals, entertainment, and my expertise is carefully accounted for. Together, we鈥檒l lay out a detailed estimate for an experience that鈥檚 put together thoughtfully for you and your guests.

With a wide range of options and price tags, it鈥檚 crucial to reverse engineer and begin by asking yourself the 鈥榳hy鈥 behind the event you鈥檙e hosting and what success would look like to you after everyone鈥檚 gone home to identify where we need to start to set the groundwork for your vision. Some clients can dream big with no limits, while others have a set budget. Once we kick things off, I鈥檒l show you three budget options. This way, we can dive into the money side before making final calls.

Now that we鈥檝e covered the types of services offered, let鈥檚 talk about the cost of your event or wedding next.  

Your budget

We DO NOT offer partial or takeover coordination. Seizing those special life moments is a one-time opportunity; there are no redos. Our goal is to avoid any critical details slipping through the cracks by coming in when things have already been partially planned. We鈥檝e witnessed first-hand the negative consequences of not sticking to this rule to accommodate.

If you prioritize 1:1 connection and personal well-being like we do - and you have zero time or patience for unnecessary delays and drama, like us - our boutique Full Planning service IS the relief and freedom you鈥檝e been looking for! We deliver both value and an outstanding guest experience that feels organic and natural without having to cut corners.

Pricing is carefully tailored to the magnitude of work at hand. Generally, planning with us will take up 30% of your overall event budget. Travel, minimums and admin fees might pop up, but I鈥檒l lay it all out for your approval beforehand.

Your investment

At this one-time complimentary consultation, we鈥檒l chat directly about budget options as a starting point to get a general idea of the services we offer and your financial investment.

From there, I鈥檒l figure out what you need, then give you an event playbook on how to deliver your amazing event, along with a custom quote to address your specific needs, preferences and any other additional services or modifications.

If the above feels good to you, I believe you make the best choices when you鈥檝e got all the info. 

Let鈥檚 first start here -

Money talk

What We Deliver

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We meticulously plan in advance for minimal logistical issues, timely execution and effective handling of unexpected situations on the day of the event.

Thorough Planning and Preparation

We鈥檒l keep you informed on the progress of the event planning and address your questions and concerns promptly with clear and sufficient communication to help prevent any misunderstandings.

Staying Within Approved Budget

We discuss costs with you and don鈥檛 move forward with any decisions without your consent.

Effective Communication


We鈥檙e ready to troubleshoot any technical difficulties that may arise during your event, such as problems with sound systems, lighting, or presentations - these issues will be resolved promptly and effectively.

Smooth Technical Operations

We keenly focus on every guest touch point - every experience from when they first walk in to last call. All things aesthetic and entertainment that go hand in hand to align with your vision and expectations.

Competent Vendor Management

We will ensure that all vendors adhere to the agreed-upon standards to provide timely deliveries, high-services and surpass expectations.

Attention to Detail


You鈥檙e hiring us for our Do-It-For-You creative expertise. Get ready to impress your guests with an innovative, show-stopping presence that stands out above the rest.

Abundance of Creativity

We bring on board well trained staff that provide efficient service which means minimal wait times for any guest lineups, and clear communication amongst the team.

Adaptability to Changes

Due to the dynamic nature of events, we are well-prepared to proactively adjust and adapt to unexpected changes by having contingency plans in place for a smooth execution.

Sufficient Staffing


We include timely delivery of post-event reports and debriefs, prompt resolution of concerns, and efficient finalization of financial matters.

Smooth Post-Event Processes

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corporate events



Corporate Events

  • Luxury Wellness Retreats for Executives
  • Travel Team Building Initiatives
  • VIP Concert or Performance
  • Celebrity Meet and Greet
  • Exclusive Tech Summit & Tournament
  • High Profile Awards Ceremonies & Gala Dinners


  • Private Fashion Shopping Experience
  • Brand/Product Launch Parties
  • Personalized & Interactive Workshops
  • Pride Celebration Ball
  • High-Profile Speaking Engagements
  • Civic or Community Achievement Event


corporate events




  • Destination Weddings
  • Cruise Ship Bon Voyage Party
  • Homecoming Celebration
  • Retirement Party in Style
  • Family Reunion Extravaganza
  • All Milestone Events


corporate events



Types of Events We Invite:

inquiry steps
inquiry steps

Choose whether you鈥檙e planning a Corporate Event, Wedding or another type of Event. This helps us organize and prioritize incoming requests so we can respond to your inquiry promptly and effectively.

Complete the inquiry form with your event details. The more information you provide, the better we can customize our response to fit your vision.

Once you fill out the form, we鈥檒l review your details ASAP and get back to you with Availability, Pricing, and Next Steps.




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